A Record of Success

Kevin Majeski knows how to promote a hit

As a young man, Kevin’s dream was to work in the music industry. When he was told there were no internships at an award-winning recording artist’s office, Kevin decided to make his own “big break.” He returned with a rake and handful of trash bags and began cleaning the office grounds for several days. Impressed by Kevin’s attitude, persistence and optimism, the management offered him a position. Working in public relations, marketing and art direction in the recording industry offered star-studded opportunities and mentorships with deep impact.

From Nashville’s Music Row to Indiana’s rows of corn

After several years in Nashville, Kevin and his wife, Kimberly, chose to relocate to central Indiana where he put his project management skills to use as Communications Director at one of the largest churches in the area.

Creating a home as a Hoosier

Since landing in the Indianapolis area, the Majeski’s have purchased three homes and have tackled remodeling and refinishing projects to turn their decades-old houses into fresh living spaces. An avid gardener with a vision for possibilities and an eye for detail, Kevin’s love for architecture and decorating helps him see—and communicate—hidden opportunities for any home.

Ain’t no mountain high enough

Where others see hurdles and closed doors, Kevin sees an invitation to problem-solve. He brings a creative tenacity and an optimism for success to his realty career; his expertise in communications through traditional and social media outlets creates a high level of exposure for his clients.

You’ve got a friend in him

Selling your house is a huge task that can be very stressful for someone who doesn’t do it every day. Kevin relieves the stress and offers a high degree of communication throughout the process so sellers always know what’s happening.

Refer a friend!

Know someone looking to buy or sell a home? Refer them to Kevin with confidence—and they will benefit from his record of success