Why Sell With Kevin?


As a Carpenter Realtor®, Kevin offers an exclusive, Home Marketing System that exposes your home to maximum potential buyers possible. It’s a proven system, providing wide exposure for your home, from complete internet presence to “home for sale” mass media and online advertising.

No one else has as comprehensive a program as Carpenter. Not only do we help develop an effective pricing strategy for your home’s sale, but we will advertise and market your home more aggressively than anyone. Your home will be visible and seen by more prospective buyers. If you’re being told that setting a price and putting a sign in your yard is most of the work … and that a broker’s own website will do the rest, you’re only getting a third of the story.

ONLINE – The Call Carpenter is one of the most-visited sites for local home searches, provides detailed information about your property and your neighborhood. More complete more detailed and more user-friendly, it’s the information buyers are looking for in an easy-to-use format.

Mobile App – We all know that buyers select homes in a neighborhood in which they want to live. The Carpenter mobile has an exclusive feature that makes finding that perfect home easier. As buyers drive through your neighborhood, the HomeSpotter GPS locates the buyer GPS position and displays complete details about homes for sale (and recently sold). Then they can quickly download details on your home or have your home suggested as an option while they look at other nearby homes!

Local and national internet exposure – We all know home buyers use the internet to search for homes. What we don’t know is which website the future buyer of your home is using. Your home receives exposure through dozens of national websites such as,,, google, Yahoo!,, and local websites. No one exposes your home to buyers on more real estate search sites than Carpenter. No one. If a home buyer is online, they’ll find your home. and – is the second-largest, fastest-growing national real estate search web site. is the real estate website for two hundred major daily newspapers. We enhance every Carpenter listing on both, reaching 20 million+ buyers each month. Carpenter listings are featured homes: more photos, more details, more contact information. This generates more online showings, more calls for information and more activity on your home.

V-Screen  Tours – An exclusive agreement with V-Screen, provides every Carpenter listing with a complete virtual tour package. This includes a guided tour through your home featuring motion and music. More exposure via more outlets means more potential buyers for your home.

Your Own Website – Kevin can also create a customized, personal website for your home. Imagine sharing with your friends and neighbors, and imagine the additional exposure your home receives.


Indianapolis Star Open Houses – Some may have you believe that “newspaper is dead,” that “no one reads newspapers any more.” Well, there are a half-million adults who do read the Indianapolis Star each Sunday, many of whom are buyers looking for the day’s open houses. Carpenter is the only company advertising every open house every Sunday in Indiana’s largest circulation newspaper. We don’t believe you can afford to miss these potential buyers.
Indianapolis Star Home of the Day – Only your Carpenter agent can showcase your home with a full-color display ad in the main news sections of the daily Star. This generates interest in your home and more importantly, phone calls.

Local newspaper – Carpenter is central Indiana’s largest real estate advertiser in community newspapers; advertising listings weekly in nineteen community papers – another quarter-million potential buyers reached.

TV Showcase of Homes – Our exclusive TV Showcase of Homes features 60 current listings every Saturday morning on MyINDY TV, channel 23, at 10:00 am. Another way that your home is exposed to thousands more potential buyers!

Call Carpenter For Homes magazine – Carpenter’s exclusive “Call Carpenter for Homes” full-color magazine is distributed throughout Central Indiana. Your home will be seen in 40,000 copies along with over 1,750 current listings!

Direct Mail – Tens of thousands of color postcards are mailed to our sellers’ neighbors and to targeted prospects every month.


Yard Signs – You’ll get strategic placement of our Carpenter Realtors® uniquely shaped and colored yard sign. Our sign stands out among the clutter and is arguably the most recognized in Indiana. Your home will be more visible to more potential buyers.

Take-One Flyers and Boxes – In front of every home we place our exclusive Take-One Boxes. Every buyer wants information on your home for sale and we provide it! These flyers contain property information featuring full-color photos and highlights of all of your home’s features and benefits. Even better, we ensure that the boxes remain filled with flyers.

Feature Cards – Strategically placed throughout your home, feature cards remind visitors of the best features your home offers.

In Addition

Broker Listing Cooperative (BLC) – Formerly known as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the BLC offers information and photography placement offers a competitive presence for each listing on the computerized multiple listing services.

Internet Lead Management – Believe it or not. 80% of all internet real estate inquiries go unanswered.  At Carpenter, every inquiry is responded to within 30 minutes, seven days a week. Our commitment: buyers get the respect, service and answers they deserve.

LeadingRE® Relocation Network – Carpenter is central Indiana’s top company for this international network of the largest, most successful independent real estate companies. Leading RE® offers an exceptionally strong presence in key Midwest cities like Louisville, Columbus,
Cincinnati, Chicago, Cleveland, Nashville and Memphis; markets most likely to have families relocating to central Indiana. Each year, over 50,000 families are successfully transferred through the Leading RE® network. What does that mean? It means more potential buyers for your home.

Home Tour Caravans – Weekly home tour caravans mobilize Central Indiana Carpenter associates to see your home and better explain its features to potential buyers.

Custom marketing materials – Our agents can produce custom materials to help expedite your home’s sale using the latest real estate specific software.

Home Warranty – Plans are available to make your home more attractive to home buyers throughout central Indiana. We have the largest footprint in Indiana – With thirty (30) branch offices and sales associates located throughout Central Indiana, we have more agents helping to market and sell your home than anyone in the state.